why us

Why us ?


If Brindhavan has found a place of favour among its patrons today, it is largely because the restaurant has been able to successfully incorporate customer feedback into its menu. The dishes that are listed on our menu are based on the likes and needs of the discerning customer. We believe in going the extra mile to please the palate of our guests.

Whether it means having to tweak the ingredients in a curry or introducing a new variety of snack during tea time, we constantly strive to keep up with the customers' evolving tastes. Besides these, Brindhavan also maintains a slew of standard recipes on its menu that have been tried and tested over the years and eternally continue to satisfy the cravings of its guests.



The comfort of our guests and making them feel at home figures high among our list of priorities; which is why ample space has been earmarked to ensure that you are able to enjoy your meal in a non fussy, spacious and homely environment. Our restaurant measures 1750 sq ft and can seat 100 guests at a time. You can choose to eat leisurely in the cool environs of our A/C section, which seats up to 48. But if you are here to grab a quick bite, head to the non A/C area that can accommodate 52 guests.

The kitchen, at nearly 3000 sq ft, is considerably bigger than the dining area itself. This was a conscious choice made by us to enable the Brindhavan kitchen crew to work systematically and unhurriedly, and most important of all, to dedicate a hygienic space to a sacred activity called cooking.



If the food we serve looks delectable, the environment where it has been cooked is equally pleasing to the eye. And this is in keeping with our long-standing belief that it is not just the food that has to be appealing, but also its making. Which is why at Brindhavan, top priority is given to hygiene and cleanliness.

So while you are indulging in that fragrant vegetable biryani, we would like to assure you that from the precincts where it has been cooked and the vegetables and raw materials that have been used, to the area where you sit to enjoy your meal, the highest standards in hygiene have been adhered to. The stringent supervision model at Brindhavan ensures that the staff never compromise on hygiene. Truly, at Brindhavan, what you see is what you get. Look no further for proof than your own plate!